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Part Number Manufacturer Package Date Code Description In Store Demand quantity BOM
S9S08DZ32F2MLC FREESCALE QFP32 17+ MCU 8-bit S08D HCS08 32KB Flash 5V 32-Pin LQFP Brick 5000 add
LT6703IDC-2 LINEAR DFN 12+ LT6703IDC-2#TRMPBF Comparator Single 18V Automotive 3-Pin DFN EP 746 add
ADS1013IRUG TI QFN10 12+ 2-Channel Single ADC Delta-Sigma 3.3ksps 12-bit Serial 10-Pin X2QFN 4248 add
FPF1320UCX ON WLCPS6 19+ FPF1320 Series 5.5 V 1.5 A Dual Input Single Output Load Switch - WLCSP-6 39000 add
XC3S500E-4PQG208I(XILINX) XILINX QFP208 19+ FPGA Spartan-3E Family 500K Gates 10476 Cells 572MHz 90nm (CMOS) Technology 1.2V 208-Pin PQFP 435 add
XC18V04VQ44I(XILINX) XILINX QFP44 08+ Serial EEPROM, 44 Pin, Plastic, TQFP 4433 add
1SMA5934BT3G ON SMA 14+ Zener Diode Single 24V 5% 19Ohm 1500mW 2-Pin SMA T/R 24053 add
1SMA5934BT3G ON SMA 17+ Zener Diode Single 24V 5% 19Ohm 1500mW 2-Pin SMA T/R 7800 add
1SMB5934BT3G ON SMB 14+ Zener Diode Single 24V 5% 19Ohm 3000mW 2-Pin SMB T/R 5034 add
LMR23625CDDA TI HSOIC-8 20+ Conv DC-DC 4.5V to 36V Synchronous Step Down Single-Out 1V to 28V 2.5A 8-Pin HSOP EP T/R 700 add
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